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90% survive: Look at how well they live 

Though the average survival rate 3 years after a kidney transplant is 90%, survival alone does not mean a high kidney transplant success rate. To get the full picture of kidney transplant success rates, look at how long your kidney transplant is likely to last and how well you can recover free of complications. A transplant that lasts is your chance to return to a life free of end stage kidney disease and free of dialysis. Recovering without complications makes the difference between a post-transplant life at home and a life in and out of the hospital. Konnectology gives you the facts on all aspects of kidney transplant sucess rates beyond survival.

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You can be in the 90%: This is how
Go to the best kidney transplant center

Kidney transplant success rates vary greatly across transplant centers. Though the average 3 year survival rate is 90%, it varies between 83% and 94%, depending on the center you go to. How long transplants last are also different from center to center and complications that threaten your recovery are double at some centers. At Konnectology you get all kidney transplant success rates at the centers you are considering and explore centers with the highest kidney transplant success rates. This is where you are more likely to do well.

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Minimize your kidney transplant risks 

Because transplantation is complex with high risks for complications, kidney transplant success rates depend on managing these risks. At Konnectology you get the facts on transplant risks and the risk of complications given your age. We help you cut your risk by half with tools to find transplant centers that are better at preventing and managing complications.

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Explore your donor options

Kidney transplant success rates with a deceased donor are lower than those with a living donor. With Konnectology you can compare kidney transplant success rates for the different types donors and discuss options with your doctor.

Chertow GM et al, 1996. Journal of the American Medical Association 276(21):1732

Member tools: Help to raise your kidney transplant success

Beyond Survival
The facts

Get the facts on kidney transplant success rates: How many patients live longer than 3 years, how many patients keep their transplants more than 3 years and how many patients recover free of complications.

Beyond Averages
Success relevant to you

Get kidney transplant success rates for your situation:

  • Your age: Select your age and get age-specific kidney transplant success rates for survival, transplants that last and recovery free of complications.
  • Your type donor: Compare kidney transplant success rates with living versus deceased donors.
  • Your transplant center: Enter your center name and get its kidney transplant success rates


Raise Your Chance
What to do for better kidney transplant success

Get a checklist with what to do to improve your odds at kidney transplant success: The steps to get a transplant earlier and go to a better kidney transplant center.

Access to your Dr. Journal
Access to your Dr. Journal

Get your personal and secure Dr. Journal to keep all your questions and notes on kidney transplant success rates and transplant risks. It's all in one place for you to access during your doctor visit or share with relatives helping you.

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